Seven Lakes Trailblazers merges with New Durham Valley ATV club

The standing officers of the Seven Lakes Trailblazers ATV club have completed the merger with New Durham Valley ATV club. The joint club will continue with the New Durham Valley ATV club name but has all new officers. This club will now manage ATV trails in the greater New Durham Valley area including Wakefield, Brookfield and Middleton. We are currently mapping the existing New Durham ATV trails to submit to the state of NH and will be creating a small loop system in Wakefield with trail head parking which we hope to connect to other towns in the near future. Members are what makes a club strive and grow so join today and be active if you would like to ride local trails.

New Durham Valley ATV club is not currently listed with NHOHVA (New Hampshire Off-Highway Vehicle Association) so we cannot offer the $30 NH registration discount currently but fully expect to complete registration with NHOHVA and be able to offer that discount by mid-May 2018. All members that join prior to our acceptance into NHOHVA will be allowed the discount once finalized. 

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