New Durham Valley ATV now part of NHOHVA

The New Durham Valley ATV club has been recognized by the New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association as a NH ATV club which you can join and now save on NH ATV registrations. This acceptance also means our club can apply for grants to assist in the cost of maintaining ATV trails and purchasing equipment used. This is all funded by your memberships so join today and enjoy the NH ATV trail systems safely.

NHOHVA – New Durham Valley ATV


  1. I was in the club years ago I would like to join again.

    1. Author

      Please use this link to join: Join Now

      We would love to have you be a part of the club again!

  2. When are the meeting and what time are they you can send info. To my E-mail. Thank you

  3. Thank you for fixing the trails👍

  4. How many miles of trails do u have would like to join any info would be great

    1. Author

      We always welcome more help and interest in our trails as we try and expand ATV riding in Carroll County.
      Our website has Trail Maps of both trail systems:
      The two systems do not connect and are both small but a starting point for our newly revitalized club. Both trail systems allow atv’s, side-by-side’s and dirt bikes with New Durham being made up mostly of very rocky class 6 roads and Wakefield being all on private property and old logging trails which are grass covered but not rocky. Wakefield does offer an incredible view from the scenic outlook but the trail to it is very steep and rocky which may not be suitable for novice riders or 2wd ATV’s.
      If you search on YouTube we do have a couple of videos of trail rides:

      Also you can find some pictures on our Facebook page:
      Trails will open again in the Spring once the mud-season is over. We will post online when the trails open. New Durham is decided by the town of New Durham DPW and Wakefield is decided by the property owner.
      You can easily join our club on the NHOHVA website which will save you $30 per registration of each machine.
      Thank you,

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