1. I was a member of new Durham club about ten year’s ago thing of join it again who do I see or call thank you .

  2. Author

    Thank you Gordon, the easiest way to join our club is by using the link on our site which brings you to the NHOHVA site. You’ll get an email with your voucher immediately. If you would like to join via mail, you can print out our application or come to a meeting to join in person.

  3. I am thinhking of joining a club but would like to join a club which trails can connect to stae trails Do any of your trail sydtem connect with the state sydtem?

    1. Author

      At this time, both of our trail systems in Wakefield and New Durham are closed loops which do not connect to other state trails nor each other. In the future we would like to join other trails systems and are currently looking to connect to our next closest club which is Tri City Trailblazers.

  4. I am a new member to the club. As well as a couple of my friends that just joined . We are in the neighboring town of Gilford and are planning to come ride the trails this up coming weekend. We’d like to know the best location to park our trucks and trailers on Saturday morning for a few hours .

    1. Author

      Thank you for your membership. We have 2 small trail systems to enjoy in New Durham and Wakefield. If you would like to try the New Durham trails, the easiest parking would be at the end of Rhines Rd in Alton. Take Rhines Rd off of Rte 28 then veer right at the first fork and left at the second fork. Parking is at the end of the dirt road along either side of the road. As for our Wakefield trails, we have one parking area located at 4936 White Mountain Hwy Wakefield. It’s a gravel driveway with gates and parking is in the grass on either side of the gravel driveway. Our club trailer is there as well. Enjoy!

  5. What’s the maximum width of a UTV to ride on this trail?

    1. Author

      The state maximum is 65″. We do not have gates on either trail system so most UTV’s have no issues with trail width.

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