Trails Open May 23rd, 2020

After another successful online board meeting tonight, we decided we will be able to open our trail systems in Wakefield and New Durham this weekend. Please keep these points in mind:
* Social Distancing is still recommended and greatly encouraged. We do not have general meeting areas but please try and maintain distance from others on the trails and in the parking areas.
* Memorial Day is this weekend and we do expect increased traffic due to this as well as everyone looking to enjoy the good weather coming. Please keep in mind both of our trail systems are small with parking for 10-12 truck/trailers at each parking area. Be sure to only park in designated areas shown on our trail maps and do not block traffic, parked vehicles or trail access.
* Ride with care! Our trails are vital to enjoying the outdoors not just to OHRV’s but walkers, cyclist, horseback, etc… Please be cautious and respectful of anyone you encounter. You never know when you will get to meet the landowner allowing you to be on their property. All trash should be Carry In/Carry Out.
* New Durham – Gates will be open and parking areas available as shown on our maps.
There has been recent logging in the area of Caverly Rd. Please be cautious of large ruts and water crossings in the area. Also be aware the trails are still limited to the Class 6 roads, any venturing onto the recently logged areas or hiking paths could result in more lost access. The trail to Devil’s Den is still foot traffic only.
* Wakefield – There will be work parties this weekend and equipment on the trails spreading gravel. Be cautious while traversing the trails and always Ride Right & In Control.
Wontons Chinese Restaurant is open for takeout only. You can call in your lunch order and drive up to the front door where they will take your payment and deliver your food. The trail is still open to the restaurant but keep in mind there is no access to inside the restaurant nor any restrooms on our trail system. There is also no truck or trailer parking allowed at the restaurant.

Trail Maps can be found here:

We look forward to seeing people enjoy the great outdoors and hope everyone can practice good safety guidelines to ensure we can all continue good health.


  1. Hello
    Is the Devils Den Trail still open for ATV use and where is it located We enjoyed the trail on Rte 16 by Wontons Thank you for the use of that trail
    David Proulx

    1. Author

      The Devil’s Den trail is no longer open to ATV’s and is signed as no motorized vehicles allowed. Our only trails around that area are the class VI roads.

  2. Are these trails open to atvs now (01.03.21)?

    1. Author

      Currently they are closed for the Winter season but will reopen after the mud season has ended. That is usually that last week of May.

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