Parking Update for New Durham trail system

Our club is asking for everyone’s help to utilize the parking areas best fit for trucks and trailers while visiting our New Durham trail system. We have several parking areas shown on the trail map but many of those areas are too small for truck/trailer combos and it has lead to blocked access and hardship for our neighbors to the trail system. We ask that all of those visiting use the primary parking areas on Rines Rd.

The first area suitable to truck and small trailer parking is at the gated gravel pit on either side of the road. If you have a large trailer, you will find it much easier to continue down Rines Rd to what is known as Caverly Rd past the gravel pit approx 0.3 miles to a large grass field on the side of the road. We have been granted access to this area for trail parking and it is much easier to park and turn around truck/trailer combos. We will be out shortly to add signs that will help with parking directions.

Thank you all and enjoy the trails!


  1. Is their parking in east Alton?

    1. Author

      The only parking currently is at the end of Rines Rd along the edge of the road.

  2. Where is the parking to access trails East alton?

    1. Author

      Parking is along the side of Rines Rd coming in from Rte 28 near the gated gravel pit.

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